Why choose Rimtec?

Good question, here’s the main reasons why we believe you should make Rimtec your first choice when looking to refurbish or customise your alloy wheels.


Quality and pricing are probably the two main factors people will use when selecting which business to use. Here are Rimtec we pride ourselves on the standard of quality that all the alloys we process achieve.

Our business premises are fully equipped with the specialist tools needed to ensure that, at every stage, your alloys receive the precision attention required to deliver the high level of finish you expect.

When you combine this with the fact that Rimtec is an owner-operated business, which means each and every wheel gets the full attention of us, the company owners, the end result is a quality finish every time.

Competitive pricing

With pricing always playing such a large part in people’s choice of business, we ensure we always offer competitive rates on the services we offer and you can be sure that, for the standard we achieve, you’ll find it hard to find a better price.


Aside from quality and pricing, it may well be that we just tick the boxes for you in terms of the services we offer. As a specialist in diamond cut alloy wheels, along with the customisation choices we offer, you may find we’re the only business it makes sense to come to.

Friendly atmosphere

Here at Rimtec we pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere which again comes from the nature of our owner-operator business. We’ll always make you feel welcome and take the time to talk everything through with you fully so you’re confident that you’re alloys are in good hands and we’ll achieve the results you’re after.

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