Diamond cut alloy wheel specialists

Nowadays more and more vehicles have alloys wheels that feature a diamond cut finish. If these wheels become damaged or have just aged poorly and are in need of some TLC then specialist equipment is needed to refinish the precision cut face. Here at Rimtec we have both the equipment and expertise to deal with these specialist alloys, so please get in touch if you think your alloys may be diamond cut and have seen better days.


For older alloys a lot of people have problems with tire deflation. This is caused by corrosion along the inner rim. Clients often initially believe that they have a slow puncture or a faulty valve and only discover the true cause after a tyre and valve change. Here at Rimtec we offer a cut price service for removing this corrosion and so creating a seal between the tyre and rim.

Repair & refurbishment

We offer a full refurbishment service for all types of alloys including diamond cut, cast and split rim alloys.

This service includes minor damage repair for when your alloys have scuffed the kerb one to many times. The type of damage we repair would typically be:

  • Buckled – where the rim of the alloy has been bent due to impact.
  • Cracked – any cracks present usual again due to impact.
  • Chipped – where small portions of the rim or spokes have been lost due to kerb strike or similar.

You can look at our process for an in depth walk through but in brief: we’ll assess the state of your alloys and give you a fixed quote for the work to be carried out. We’re happy to accept your wheels tyres and all and will return them with the tyres (or new tyres supplied by you) fitted and balanced. You can even just drop you vehicle off and then collect it with your refurbished alloys in situ and ready to go.


In addition to refurbishment we also offer customisation as an option. If you’re tired of the look of your alloys or feeling they’ve seen better days, then why not talk to us about giving them a new look! At a fraction of the cost of new alloys it makes a lot of sense, not to mention it’s your chance to give them a unique and personalised touch.

The process is much the same as refurbishment with the same stripping and prepping stages but when it comes to refinishing; the sky’s the limit! It may be possible to give your cast alloys a diamond cut finish, although this is dependent on the particular design. Then, when it comes to colour, you can choose from virtually anything that takes your fancy. You can also choose a satin finish for the lacquering to give a matt look alloys.

Dealership services

Here at Rimtec we provide our services to a number of car dealerships with the refurbishment of alloys on vehicles prior to resale. We are aware that a fast turn around with no compromise in quality is a must in this sector and we work closely with dealerships to ensure this.

We’re always open to developing new relationships with dealerships so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel we could work together.

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